Iraq and the War on Terror, assignment help

Critical review papers assessing and critiquing those two articles.

Pick 2 out of 5 Articles Attached

In this critical review paper you are required to Asses, critique, and then analyze the two articles you picked.

In the analysis of these two articles, you should include a compare and contrast in the style, technique and content of both articles. For Example: Can I supply future explanation to clarify or support any of the main points, ideas, and arguments? Are there sections you don’t understand, why?

Paper format (5-7 pages, double-spaced. APA or MLA style)


– You might use your own way or technique to Asses and Critique those two Articles.

– You should cite the two articles you picked as reference. Also, you can use other sources to supportyour argument.


1. Adeed Dawisha, “The Unraveling of Iraq:  Ethnosectarian Preferences and State Performance in Historical Perspective,” Middle East Journal (Spring 2008);

2. Mansoor Moaddel et al., “Foreign Occupation and National Pride,” Public Opinion Quarterly (Winter 2008);

3. Stephen Biddle et al., “Civil War Intervention and the Problem of Iraq,” International Studies Quarterly (March 2012);

4. Nils B. Weidmann and Idean Salehyan, “Violence and Ethnic Segregation: A Computational Model Applied to Baghdad,” International Studies Quarterly (March 2013);

5. David Romano, “Iraq’s Descent into Civil War: A Constitutional Explanation,”
Middle East Journal (Autumn 2014)

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