Is the risk of injury too great for kids playing tackle football? English assignment help

Writing Assignment: Carry the Torch

The finish line is in sight now. Flags are waving! The crowd is cheering! Absorb that final energy boost. Use the following checklist to be sure you have completed all the required parts of this research project, then put the finishing touches on it. assignment rubric.

  • a written report
  • Add media enhancements to make your presentation interesting.
  • Use embedded quotes with MLA citations in your presentation (a minimum of 6).
  • Use paraphrased and summarized information with MLA citations.
  • Create a Works Cited Page that uses MLA formatting (at least 3 sources—1 source must be a primary source)
  • I included some sources below, but they don’t have to be used. Is has to be MLA format and absolutely no plagiarism

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