Israeli Cyber Warfare, Political Science homework help

Module Seven, due October 13, 2016: U.S., NATO/European, and Israeli Cyber Warfare  Readings:  o Books: Valeriano, chapter 6 (introductory material and Stuxnet section); Singer, section beginning on p. 133 o Articles: FireEye, World War C (U.S. and Israeli sections beginning on p.17 and p. 16 respectively), CSIS, Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare: Preliminary Assessment of National Doctrine and Organization (United States and Israel sections); U.S. Cyber Command, Commander’s Vision; DOD Joint Publication 3-12: Cyberspace Operations (executive summary); DOD Cyber Strategy (Introduction); Elran and Siboni, Establishing an IDF Cyber Command; Panetta October 11, 2012 speech; Lynn June 16, 2011 speech; GAO, GAO-16-332 (highlights page); Tilghman, U.S. Cyber Command Should be Combatant Command; and CRS, Cybersecurity Issues and Challenges  Videos: Georgetown University 2016 International Engagement on Cyber Conference, Admiral Rodgers presentation, found here:   Interactive/Internet (optional): National Security Archive, The United States and Cyberspace: Military Organization, Policies, and Activities, found here:   Learning Activity: In the discussion board, respond to the following: o How might DOD’s establishment of U.S. Cyber Command impact how other actors approach conflict in cyberspace and should Cyber Command become a full-fledged Combatant Command? o What can the United States learn from Israel’s approach to cyber warfare? 

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