IST378-01 Problem Solving and Risk Management

Assignment 1

Decision Making in Different Organizations

Purpose of the Assignment:

This assignment has a two-fold purpose:

1.   To keep you update of the current situation in which decisions are made by organizations with some real-world examples.

2.   To enable you to have a better understanding of the characteristics decision making in different organizations.

Requirements of the Assignment:

First, observe two organizations with which you are familiar. Identify two decisions each of them has or should have made in each of the following categories:

1)   Operational planning and control

2)   Management control (tactical planning)

3)   Strategic planning

Then, compare and contrast the characteristics of the six decisions made by these two organizations, with the appropriate criteria for the levels in which they are placed.

Write  a  short  report  in  APA  (American  Psychology  Association)  style  that  provides  detailed descriptions on what you have come up with. It should include the following:

•   Your name and course information

•   Title of your report

•   Identification of the decisions made and discussions on them with comparison and contrast

•   References (if you have any)

This short report counts 5% of your final grade.

Grading Criteria:

Grades will be based on:

•   The correctness and appropriateness of the answers in your report (80%).

•   The quality and clarity of the structure in your report (20%).

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