IT software development methodologies

APA FORMAT- 1 page- 3 References 

Write a 1-page paper discussing your work experience, observations, and/or outside reading on the use of IT software development methodologies. Choose waterfall, agile, extreme programming or other software development methodology to describe. These methodologies have a direct correlation of the structure and execution of information technology projects. Academic writing normally includes more than 1 citation with the related reference. For this assignment, at least 3 references are expected.

Submission Instructions:

·         For all papers submitted to this class, APA (6th edition) format is required. 

·         The cornerstone of academic writing is “compare and contrast” which is what you will be doing when you discuss how your selected article applies to the concepts studied in the course. 

·         The use of subheadings and table of contents is encouraged as this helps to organize your paper.

·         You must submit this paper to TurnItIn! for a review. The goal is to attain an overall score <= 10%. 

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