Job analysis

This assignment will require you to consider essentially all aspects of personnel psychology discussed in this class.  You may complete it individually or in a group of no more than 3 people. I don’t expect it to be perfect, but whatever you decide for criteria and your selection system should make logical sense.Step 1. Conduct a small job analysis by interviewing someone you know (e.g., parent, friend, significant other) who has been working the same job for over a year.The information obtained during this interview should be used to create ajob descriptionThere are 5 parts to a job description (see slides 11 and 12 of the “Job Analysis” powerpoint).Use these 5 parts as a guide when you are asking questions during your job analysis interview.You may find O*Net useful for this part of the assignment in particular!Step 2. Describe the relevant criteria for the job analyzed in Step 1.How will you measure performance for the job?Will you use a single global criterion, a composite criterion, multiple criteria, etc.If using performance ratings, describe who will be rating.If using multiple or composite criteria, be sure to list all the different parts being used or factored in.Are there any other criteria you might look at? (OCBs, CWBs, absenteeism, etc.)Step 3. Design a selection system for the job analyzed in Step 1.What screening and selection tools will you use?Think carefully here—don’t just list all the tools we went over in class!Describe how each screening/selection tool is related to the job; be specificFor example, if you’re using a personality inventory as a selection tool, describe which traits will predict which aspects of performance (e.g., “the Agreeableness factor of personality will be related to the individual’s ability to work well with their coworkers”)How will applicants be processed through the selection system?Will there be multiple hurdles? If so, what tools will you use at each phase?Will you combine various predictors (i.e., multiple regression), use cutoffs for each predictor (i.e., multiple cutoff), etc.See slide 14 of the “Combing Predictors” powerpoint for an example of how a selection system might be laid out

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