Job satisfaction

Theories of job satisfaction can be applied to the workplace to help improve employee morale, motivation, performance, and commitment. This week, you will consider these theories in light of your personal job experiences. Before you post to this week’s Discussion, think about a current, past, or future dream job. Then select a theory of job satisfaction described in your course textbook readings for this week. Consider how the theory you’ve chosen applies to the job you have in mind. Then, post a response to the Discussion prompt below.

By Day 3

Post a response to the following:

Briefly describe the theory of job satisfaction that you’ve selected. Next, briefly describe the current, past, or future dream job you will analyze for this Discussion. Then, explain why this theory can help to explain the connection between job satisfaction and job performance. In your explanation, be sure to relate the theory to your past job experiences and/or to your imagined dream job.

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Based on your analysis of a theory of job satisfaction, why can this theory help to explain the connection between job satisfaction and job performance? What factors of the workplace make people satisfied with their job? Also discuss this topic in relation to your own past job experiences.

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