Job Shadow, psychology assignment help

Job Shadow Paper Requirements:

1. 3 pages reflection paper based on the following questions

2. Double spaced

3. Margins- 1 inch all around

4. Times New Roman Font

5. 12 point font

6. Answer the following questions:

a. What knowledge base, interpersonal and professional skills did the school psychologist you observed need to have to in order to perform the activities you observed (aligned to 11 NASP domains)?

b. Of those skills, which do you presently possess and which do need to develop and/or improve?

c. How was your experience? What did you learn and what did you find interesting.

I took the job shadowing at Prince George’s Public Schools which is a school for deaf children

Also, please find attached some question that I asked during the job shadowing. Please use these answers to wright the paper.

Please choose simple words and sentence structure because I am international student and English is not my first language. Also, I have a disability (Deaf). Therefore, when you write please write explanation and examples that i apply to my disability.

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