Journal reflection

1 page

APA format

Wite an informal 1-page journal reflection on the topics you have learned from the website this week.

 investigate some of the diversity dimensions of the world in which we live, so that we can begin to piece together some of the many perspectives we study in later modules. This will help you to begin to analyze the business case for diversity. 

Begin by searching for “If the World Were A Village…” on YouTube. Pay attention to the information that you gather, and consider how each of these facts and statistics may affect the business world. If any of those facts include some facet of your identity, consider how people sharing your perspective may prefer the world to be. 

Considering everything you have learned this module, especially as it pertains to your own identity, share some thoughts about how you would manage someone with your unique characteristics. What would engage you in the workplace and what would disengage you? 

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