Karpf Paper on Public Sphere Theory

Write a 3-page (SINGLE SPACED, 12 PT FONT, 1 INCH MARGINS) paper in response to the following prompt: “David Karpf’s book on analytical activism describes how modern political organizations use online platforms to identify sympathizers, rally allies, communicate, and raise funds. Choose one theme, hypothesis, or perspective described in Lindgren’s book (PUBLIC SPHERE THEORY) and then show how the story told in Karpf’s book does or does not fit. This essay is about using Karpf’s book as evidence to support or critique a theory of digital social life. (THE THEORY IN QUESTION IS PUBLIC SPHERE THEORY)

Your essay should be organized a single argument and evidence should be presented to support that point of view. You will be graded on (a) quality of writing, (b) use of the course materials, and (c) logical organizations. Do not “riff” on a theme. Instead, re-read Lindgren and Karpf and think about how these books present evidence and whether you ultimately agree with them.”

Attaching the link to Karpf’s book (only the first 4 chapters need to be read):


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