language is an important tool, psychology assignment help

language is an important tool for storing, organizing, and retrieving information that has been acquired throughout one’s life, as well as for thinking, modifying, and sharing such information with others. Thus, there are many questions researchers ask about language and its use.For this assignment, complete the steps listed below. Select one of the following topics: Can other species learn human language? If so, is it really language? In your answer, you may consider cetaceans, birds, and chimpanzees. Review the literature on the selected topic. For each topic, use at least two peer-reviewed articles that can answer the questions related to it. Engage your critical thinking skills. Carefully summarize the evidence you have found and then critically examine it. For instance, ask your self if the available evidence is sufficient to support the interpretations that researchers have proposed, and/or whether there are ambiguities and unknowns. analyze the key findings, illustrating the consistencies and inconsistencies. be at least 3 to 4 pages double spaced pages in length(without counting title page and reference page)

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