To complete this Assessment:

  • Identify three scholarly research resources that evaluate the impact of leadership behaviors, styles, and characteristics for transformational leadership.
  • Reflect on your results of the Strengths Finder Assessment and consider what these results convey in terms of your behaviors and characteristics in contributing to your leadership style/philosophy.

In 2–3 pages, develop and submit a leadership philosophy that reflects your characteristics, core values, and strengths as they pertain to your leadership skills and profile. Use the scholarly research resources on leadership you selected to support your philosophy statement. Your leadership philosophy should include the following:

  1. A description of your core values
  2. A personal mission/vision statement
  3. Analysis of your Strengths Finder Assessment summarizing the results of your profile
  4. A description of two key behaviors that you wish to strengthen
  5. A development plan that explains how you plan to improve upon the two key behaviors you selected. Be specific and provide examples.
  6. An explanation of how you plan to achieve your personal mission/vision. Be specific and provide examples.
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