leading organization-9.2

Now that we have covered all four frames, and as you analyze the material from the biography of your selected leader, create a map to address the components of the four frames. You may review the guidance document provided for the midterm to get an idea of the types of things you should be looking for as you examine your selected leader’s biography. This assessment by Lee Bolman:Team Frames Assessmentalso provides you with some ideas to think about as you create your map. You do not need to complete the assessment, just review the questions.Create a document that provides you with an outline to ensure that you address the components from all four frames. Besides the midterm guidance document, some of the ideas to think about are:What frame or frames did the leader use?Did the leader seem to be using the guidelines for leadership outlined throughout the course?What other elements were used (e.g., influence, motivation, networking, etc.)?What did the leader do when something went wrong?How was success or failure celebrated?

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