Click on the “Week Two Assignment” link above to submit your document, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric. Be sure to clearly identify each assignment including your name. You may attach more than one file, but please try to minimize the number of attached files that have to be opened separately.

Select a concept or theory for the week from the options provided in the course outline.  Locate and review three relevant scholarly articles using the NU Library databases. Then write a maximum 2page (APA Format) paper synthesizing what you have learned about the concept or theory as a result. The paper might include:

  • Compare and contrast discussions/findings between articles and weekly course readings and virtual lectures
  • Identify research methods and challenges of studying the concept of theory
  • Implications for application or leadership practice in different contexts
  • Ongoing research needed on the concept of theory
  • What have you learned about leadership and group dynamics as a result of the readings?

You may choose one of the key words below for the focus of you annotated bibliography

  • Influence
  • Power
  • Decision Making in Groups

If you have not used the NU Library before you may find it helpful to start at their “Leadership Resources” page for an overview.

Note that summarizing the articles will not yield a pass grade. You must synthesize the selected articles and the course content . 

Since you do not have access to the Library, find three relevant scholarly articles  that seems like it is come from library.

The other document is an example of the format and everything

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