lesson 3

Answer the following questions related to the case study (Sweet Truth: Not all Carbohydrates are Alike):1.    In aqueous solutions, there are three forms of glucose: the cyclic alpha-form (36%), the cyclic beta-form (64%), and a trace amount of the open-chain form.  At equilibrium, the cyclic alpha- and beta-forms are constantly interchanging when in solution.  (1)Explainwhy the cyclic forms exist predominately in solutions, AND (2)explainwhy the cyclic beta-form is more abundant than the cyclic alpha-form.2.    Name the monosaccharides and disaccharides in amylose and cellulose.  Compare the structural and conformation differences between amylose and cellulose.  A simple iodine test can be used to distinguish the two polysaccharides. (1)Describethe iodine test AND (2)explainthe observation.3.ListANDexplainthe side effects that can be caused consuming too much sorbitol.4.    Why are soluble fibers identified as prebiotics?

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