Letters to My Younger Self, Emerson and Blaise Pascal’s essays, english assignment help

Question #1

what does Pascal mean when he says that his argument about why one should wager that god exists “carries infinite weight”?

Question #2

The Self-Reflection experiment (source: Bernard McGrane)

Turn off your phone and every other distraction in your room. Make sure you are alone while conducting the experiment. Look at yourself for 20 minutes in the mirror. What did you discover? What did you see that you hadn’t noticed before? Finally, having done the mirror experiment, are there any passages in Emerson or Pascal that particularly resonate with you?

Question 3#

Emerson eassy:

Do you agree with Emerson that the principle of “self reliance” should govern all that we do?

Question 4#

write one interpretive question about the assigned selections in Letters to My Younger Self (pp. 11-12, 19-38)

Question 5#

Read D. Saadig P.s letter. Did you ever do something for a friend, even though you knew it was wrong? if yes, how do you feel now about that decision? if no, how do you feel about D. Saadig’s actions?

what could he have done differently?

Question 6#

Read Charles D.’s letter to his younger self. Do you believe that you can create your own destiny? why or why not? can you visualize your future?

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