Levendary Cafe' case


Read the ‘Levendary Cafe’ case and answer the following questions. This assignment should be about 3  – 5 pages, double spaced.  Make sure you put your name and refer to any sources you use.  Please UPLOAD your assignment.

1. What is your evaluation of the way Levendary Cafe has entered the Chinese market?

** here you should do a Ben Franklin anaylsis (pro/con) of how they entered the market.  What should Levendary Cafe learn?  Use terms from book as much as possible, e.g. standardization vs. customization, etc.

2. What changes (if any) should Mia Foster make?  Specifically, what should she do about Louis Chen?  And what changes (if any) would you propose at headquarters?

** here you should lay out 3 to 4 alternatives and pros/cons of each

3. Prepare a short action program for Foster to help her deal with the need for continued growth in China.

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