Liberal Studies 100 never let me go

Liberal Studies 100

Discussion Questions for “Never Let Me Go”

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Cite pages in the novel. If you handwrite your answers, make sure they are legible. One paragraph or so per question.

1. How long did it take you to figure out the special meaning of “donor”, “carer” and “completed”? Why do you think the novel is set in the 1990’s?

2. Why do you that Ishiguro has Kathy address the reader as if they were future donors? How does that affect your reading of the novel?

3. How do you imagine Hailsham to be different from other private boarding schools? Why does its curriculum attempt to enrich the students? How might it be different from other “schools” for future donors?

4. How are Tommy’s personality traits somewhat different from the other main characters?

5. How well does Madame interact with the children?

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