Life Coaching – Leadership Case Study

Janet is a young single professional who has come to you for help. She earns a salary of $45,000 per year working as an office manager at a local paper supply company. She believes she has much more potential than her current job offers and wants more out of life. She has dreamed of starting her own business selling greeting cards and stationary, but she is afraid of the financial risk it would require. She likes the financial security of her current job, but her ambition for greater things has her constantly thinking of striking out on her own.How would you apply the principles outlined in Modules/Weeks 1–5 to help Janet?The chapters used are 1-10 in each book.The Case Study must include 3–4 pages of content and follow current APA format.A turnitin report is required for this.Please see attached file for example.Required References (See Below)Cloud, H. (2008). The one life solution: Reclaim your personal life while achieving greater professional success. New York, NY: HarperCollins. ISBN: 9780061466434.Stoltzfus, T. (2005). Leadership coaching: The disciplines, skills and heart of a Christian coach. Virginia Beach, VA: Booksurge Publishing. ISBN: 9781419610509.

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