Lifeskill Activities for Special Children – research paper

REQUIRED TEXT Lifeskill Activities for Special Children 2ndEdition


Be sure to cover all the basics required in the explanation found in the syllabus.  

  1. write a 6 page single space or 10 page paper (full page written)
  2. include all references posted in the research discussion board
  3. use APA format for citing references
  4. include a title page and a reference page (word processors do it automatically via their template and create the reference page)
  5. use an introduction and conclusion and paragraphs as per standard writing (use the writing lab and/or Smarthinking to help as needed).


 Some examples would be: These are only suggestions.

1.) How infancy affects life long experiences

2.) How family styles affect our development

3.) The way drugs and alcohol affect development

4.) Do our friends and spouses reflect our family and experiences growing

To get an idea. Below is the example of the project:

     When did parenting turn into obsession? Children used to grow up learning manners, respect and kindness which would then lead to responsible, smart and independent adults. However now there is no longer a line drawn between parents and children when it comes to learning how to live life. Instead of teaching a child to learn how to be an upstanding citizen, parents heavily use force and over protection to raise their child. In addition this leads children to have unwanted behavior, problems developing emotionally and being severely attached to their parents. Over parenting in today’s society showcases the need for control and authority and leads to an unhealthy life for children involved, which is unnecessary and narrow minded.

    Developing behavior and emotional problems have been linked to over-reactive parenting, a study was conducted by Shannon Lipscomb which researched hundreds of families to observed how the children react to certain situations. It was discovered when a parent raised its voice to the child it created, from infanthood to 27 months, the toddlers behavior progressively got worse. (Dewar 2012) The families tested were made of adopted children so behavior and genetics needs to be examined which leads to the birth mothers emotional state. Maternal stress can affect the baby with birth and temperamental difficulties however the biggest impact on a baby is the developmental process after the child is born. (Levine & Munsch 2011 P. 167) Children whose mothers had emotional issues did have a higher chance of having behavioral problems however having a calm, firm parent can help the child deal with their emotions.

   The reason overparenting starts can be a number of different reasons including first born, only child or first boy/girl in the family also trying to be the perfect parents, anxiety issues about safety and well being of the child and The parenting style of an overprotective parent can be categorized as demandingness/control meaning parents put a lot of pressure on the child from behavior to their actions in everyday life. (Levine & Munsch 2011 P. 520) This type of parenting is unnecessary, extreme rules and discipline which leads to “Anxious Parent, Angry Child” syndrome. Parents who always express too much worry towards their child insults the

Effects of Overparenting 2

child because the issue is trivial, the child can handle the situation on his/her own and finally it can be a new learning experience to handle the situation. (Phelan 2012)

     Several parents take parenting to the extreme, they consider you are an even better parent if you do everything for you child and they never experience the bad parts of life. However this is consider overparenting because the parent is not letting the child learn how to handle life when it gets difficult but that is not all the effect it has on the childs life. It also includes inhibiting learning, decrease in happiness and confidence, finally stunted growth. This leads to a child having depression, anxiety disorder, lake of maturing and no developed skill set. (Agadoni 2013) With this type of parenting it changes the child’s perception on their self esteem with the pressure of always being monitored and told the right direction to take makes a child feel less than perfect and takes a big hit to their self esteem levels. In addition this technique blurs the child’s moral judgement they never learned right from wrong so now the child acts out with bad behavior because they were never taught the right way in the beginning. (

    Several parents in this day and age have forgotten what it means to raise a healthy, developed child, parenting has turned into protecting a child from everything. This type of parenting believes children should not be exposed to negative emotions, must get everything out of life and should not have to deal with distress. Most of parents have good intentions about raising their children to grow up right however all they are doing is hurting the child by not letting them learn skills need to live in everyday life, like handling different problems. When growing up and experience real life these children often wonder why there life is not happy and carefree like they were raised to expect, this creates anxiety and struggle with life decisions. In addition the child’s life can be impacted by the constant nagging to do certain things which can make the child a hypochondriac or obsessive compulsive. It can also include having low confidence when it comes to trying something new, meeting new people or trying a sport.

Negative reinforcement meaning the bad behavior is continually reinforced by the parent which makes the unwanted behavior happen again and again. (Levine & Munsch 2011 P.42) A

Effects of Overparenting 3

spoiled child is an outcome received from over parenting, parents give their child expensive gifts and disregard bad behavior from the child hoping it will disappear. However this is not long lasting, this creates a selfish child and only teaches them to want immediate gratification. In later years this will show in lack of discipline and over-indulgence, they may end up in serious trouble. Punishment is a key component missing in lives of these children, which address the unwanted behavior with a negative consequence so the child can develop a sense of right and wrong.

Communication is greatly effect when it comes to over parenting because children feel they need to be something they are not to make their parents happy, they start lying. However when a parent finds out about this lying problem the child get punished but the cycle never stops. In addition child become more afraid of the world and new experience even when they are just young children, doing normal activities like playing in a new place is difficult. This type of parenting is teaching a child to understand that power is important and people will not question it, this can later lead to a need to always have the upper hand with people. In the end the communication between a parent and child suffer greatly because the child was obeying what the parent wanted and would not have open lines of communication to freely talk to one another. (Craft 2013)

In the world there are many types of discipline reward-punishment system, inductive discipline, power assertion and love withdrawal. The correct type of punishment technique to use on a child makes a huge difference on who they will grow up to become. Inductive discipline is having a certain rules the child must follow if disobeyed the child will be taught why the action is wrong, which will help them to understand good from bad. Power assertion is a method of parenting which uses control of the child’s behavior, if the child acts out punishment includes firm discipline from the parent. Love withdrawal is just what you would think the parent warns the child if they do not act right they will take away their love to the child. (Levine & Munsch 2011 P.428) Finally reward punishment system which in this case means you are rewarding

Effects of Overparenting 4

and punishing a child at the wrong time which encourages bad behavior to continue and never learning from their mistakes. With the case of overparenting these parents are using power assertion method and reward punishment system both unhelpful to the child’s developmental growth turning them into materialistic and manipulative people.

In adulthood over parenting is still affecting the child who was raised this way, teen pregnancy, issues transitioning to college life, being a boomerang child, constant contact with parents. Adolescent pregnancy is a major issue today some possible reason teens are getting pregnant include the type of raise you are, economic changes in the home and lawmakers decline in help with the issue. However the issue of over parenting is never taken into account which I believe is another big reason teenages are getting pregnant with the constant control over what the child does with every aspect of their lives this is one they can control without a parent having time to intervene. In many other countries sex is opening talked about between parents and children however especially in the United States communication is not open to speak of sex in any way. This can cause major problems to both parents and children, our teen pregnancy rate is six time higher than the Netherlands, four time higher than Germany and about three times higher than France in these other countries sex is taught to be understood logically not shameful act like in America. (Levine & Munsch 2011 P.219)

Since 2000 college campus have realized a new type of student has emerged “teacups or “crispies” meaning they have a hard time living without their parents by their side to help them and guide them in the right direction. (Conger 2013) Parents have become so intertwined with their child’s life they pick majors, living arrangements and micromanagement of everything. Also knowing as hothouse parenting the mixture of high goal expectations academically, spoiling to the extreme and excessive worry creates hyper protective parents. Parenting to this extreme creates a child who was not developed in psychological resilience meaning they are not ready to handle any life situations without a parent by their side thinking for them since they do not know how to on their own. This creates a boomerang child which means since a child is coddled

Effects of Overparenting 5

so much as child when it is time the grow up they realize its easier to just stay at home and not develop any skills in college or get a job. 3.4 million “boomerang children” are home living with their parents for the financial stability and the emotional well being of having someone around to decide their lives for them. (Cogner 2013) However if a child does happen to move out of the home an overprotective parent can still keep in contact day and night with cell phone technology we have today. Parents can not only keep in contact with their kids either by video chat, text message or phone call but can also monitor calls, texts and email the now adult receives on their personal phone. Also GPS can be setup to track where the young adult is going and video monitoring can even be set up if desired.

The desire for parents to see their kids developing into adults function properly and getting married with be difficult for this over parented generation. When children are young they learn how to socialize, make and hold friendships and actively live in the world however when a parent intervene at every available moment a child has a difficult road ahead. In order to date you first need to be able to meet people which can be difficult if you never had the chance to as a younger person. Not being able to play as a child makes them less ready to be socially capable adults, playing is not only about interacting with others but learning how to give and take. In addition a child seeing their parents divorce make them fragile and intimated to take a rise in life like commitment.

At the end of the each parent needs to take a step back and look at what parenting techniques they are using and how it can ultimately affect their child’s well being. There is a definite line parents need to stay behind to raise a health, responsible, well developed child in today society. Parents have become so worried about raising children they forget all about the child involved and focus on how it will affect them as a parent what will others think of how good or bad there child is when they are raised to function as an adult. It becomes too easy for parents to use over parenting as an easy way out to really parenting, for some reason the world has forgotten how to say no and to teach the correct way to do the task at hand. Parenting is not

Effects of Overparenting 6

about control with the child its about a firm set of rules that a child needs to have to develop properly, always lending a hand to a child only makes them have a handicap instead of explain and teaching them how to do it on their own. Over parenting has become an accepted way to raise a child however we are all missing out when children are raised this way, each individual in this world deserves to be treated equal no matter what. 

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