This assignment has 3 parts. The first part is the Topic Submission. You  will need to choose a topic that is related to the course. Then, you  will write a 1 paragraph brief explanation of how that topic will be  developed. This assignment must be submitted by 10:59 p.m. (CST) on  Sunday of Module/Week 1. 

The Topic Submission must be a 2-page MS Word attachment.  It must contain a title page, plus a second page explaining how you  propose to develop the topic related to staffing and employment.

Professor’s recommendations/reminders:

  1. Prior to beginning this assignment, please explore the “Literature Review Instructions” link above.
  2. Please  review again the “Professor’s Improvement Suggestions” document  available for download in the “Syllabus and Assignment Instructions”  area of the Course Content. Reading and following the “Annotated  Bibliography” and “Literature Review” sections of this document will  help you achieve full credit on these assignments.
  3. You  must choose a topic related to the course (Workforce Planning and  Employment).  Therefore, the topic must be related to workforce  planning, employment, or staffing. If you have trouble thinking of a  topic, I recommend reviewing the table of contents of the course  textbook to get some general ideas, then brainstorming a specific,  narrow topic on which to conduct research.
  4. That said, do not  submit a textbook chapter title as a topic for this assignment, such as  “Retention Management,” or “External Recruiting.” These are much too  broad to be approved, and would be more suited for a master’s thesis or  dissertation than a course paper. Instead, focus on a narrow topic on  which to conduct research. 
  5. Page  # 1 – Title page: Begin your submission with a title page using your  proposed topic as the title, and include your name, course name and  number, and date submitted.
  6. Page # 2 – Explanation: After the title page, write a one-paragraph explanation of how you propose to develop that topic.
  7. All  pages of all assignments, including the title page, must be  double-spaced and typed in 12-point Times New Roman fonts with one-inch  margins on all four sides.
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