Living Religions by Mary Pat Fisher 9th edition, assignment help

I have six essay questions that I need answered. The answers should be in essay format and ay least 200 words. The book used is Living Religions by Mary Pat Fisher 9th edition.

Question1: Why is there such a discord between indigenous and globalization and modern development? What have been the responses of the indigenous religious people, and what possibilities are there for the future?

Question2: Why is it challenging to become familiar with the traditions and beliefs of indigenous religions?

Question3: How would you describe the religion of Hinduism to someone who has not studied the religion in any way? Be sure to include major philosophies, theistic paths, and ritual practices. Be sure to explain any religious terms that the non-religious would not know.

Question4:Compare the Sikh view of God (Nam) with that of the Hindu view of God (s).

Question5: What role do vows play in the life of a lay Jain person and how do those vows affect their lives outside of the Jain community?

Question6: Describe the spiritual practice of pilgrimage. Include information from the Hindu and Jain religions from this unit’s readings. You may also include pilgrimage concepts from other religions.

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