Before beginning the assignment consider questions #1-3 below.

1. Does the modern corporation have a role in pursuing such goals as ending world hunger, seeking social justice and cleaning up the environment?

2. Good intentions aside, do corporations have the capacity to have an impact?

3. How should this capacity be exercised?

Read the Below the Bottom Line article by The Conference Board and watch Why Business Matters to God video. 


What stood out for you in the responses to the three question posed to the thought leaders in the Conference Board article “Below the Bottom Line?”

The shareholder view holds that every company aims to maximize profit. How does this view compare with a biblical view of business as outlined in the Van Duzer video?

How does Van Duzer’s perspective prompt you to rethink the central premise of business?

Reflecting on all that has been covered in the readings and videos how has your view changed on questions 1-3?

500 words.

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