Micah rented an apartment in a relatively safe neighborhood called the Jericho. The door to Micah’s apartment had both a standard lock and a deadbolt. When Micah left for work, he always engaged both locks. After a year of living in Jericho, Micah found that a burglar had broken into his apartment by breaking both locks. The burglar either broke or stole most of Micah’s possessions. Micah notified the building owner Stanley.  The building owner had the locks repaired. The repairs, however, were not properly done.  The door, even when locked, could be opened if someone jiggled on the handle.  Micah complained frequently about the condition of the locks, but the owner took no additional action. A burglar broke into Micah’s apartment a second time, stealing his new furniture and flat screen TV. Micah sued the building owner for the losses from both burglaries. How would a court decide?

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