Assignment 1-3

Criteria: Answers explains issues, elaborates on all parts of the topic,  Answers are appropriately addressed, well written, relevant and coherent displaying accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation


Assignment 1.

This assignment has 5 parts.

  1. Collaboration in a business environment is a best practice that leverages the collective knowledge of the team that is assembled. Peer evaluation and support, provided in the spirit of continuous improvement and organizational success, result in higher quality deliverables than what are generally possible by the efforts of an individual.
    1. Describe the process that you plan to use to conduct research, identify findings, and develop the Comprehensive Project that is due in Unit 5.
    2. Present a preliminary outline that indicates how you intend to organize the project deliverable.
  2. What are the essential elements of a Mission Statement?
  3. What is the purpose of a Key Operating Principle?
  4. What sort of additional material would best ensure success of the project? Why?


Assignment 2

This assignment has 2 parts.

  • Write an executive summary of the Comprehensive Project. An executive summary is a 10% synopsis of a larger document that outlines the purpose, planned processes, actual processes, findings, and recommendations for the project. Chief executive officers (CEOs) often read and assess executive summaries before deciding to read entire reports.
  • The summary must be a high-quality narrative that demonstrates the significance of the work
  • Addresses all the important issues being undertaken – the seven GP questions are important issues – Shows, the objectivity of research and analysis underpinning the report
  • Establishes the credibility of the resulting conclusions.

Assignment 3

  1. What are the important elements of strategy? Why?
  2. What issues may arise if your do not identify all the potential disadvantages of your plan?
  3. Why is it crucial to provide both proactive (during the implementation) and reactive (after completing the implementation) feedback to management
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