As we learn in chapter 6, strategy is a plan for what the organization will do next – how they will compete, how they will be different from competitors, and how they will succeed.  In this assignment, you’ll examine the strategy for a company you choose, and learn to identify the various types of strategies.


Locate an article about strategy, preferably using one of the websites below.  Keep in mind that strategy is a broad concept; keyword searches may not produce good results. Instead, look at items like the current results of a firm, or a decision that a company makes.  For example, Campbell Soup Company purchased Garden Fresh in an attempt to diversify: (Links to an external site.)

Include a link to your article, and be sure it’s from a qualified business media source.

Respond to the following:

  1. Provide a brief summary of the article, and how it is an example of strategy.  (Brief = a paragraph of 5-7 sentences)
  2. Analyze the business environment for the industry where the company is located.  What trends/changes are occurring in the marketplace?
  3. Identify and describe the current corporate-level or business-level strategy.
  4. Going forward, what do you recommend this company do to become more competitive? (Hint, take a look at the Porter’s Competitive strategies from Chapter 6 as a start)

Responses copied from an internet source, out of the text, or from homework sites earn no credit, as they are a violation of College Academic Integrity Policy. 

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