Write a paper on your understanding, perception or knowledge of the role a facilities department has in the hospitality industry, what is its purpose?  How does the facilities department impact the customer experience and operating cost?

How does your current job, or how will your future role (job upon graduation) interact with the facilities department? Can decisions you make impact the operations of the facility, if so how?  What can the facilities department do to assist you?  What can you do to improve/assist the facilities department?

You may reference and use your paper from assignment #1 as a base and or reference for this assignment.  The purpose/intent of this assignment is to show how this course has improved your understanding of the facilities department.

Guidelines:  Papers will be properly formatted, with all resources properly cited. Minimum of 3 pages (8.5 x 11), typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, size 12 font.

Please make sure your papers meet the minimum length requirement.    



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