Write a 4-6 page reflection paper:

  1. Identify conflict in your professional practice that would benefit from positive psychology.
    1. In a short paragraph introduce the conflict and the main challenges the conflict presents to its stakeholders.
    2. Develop a plan of action including:
  2. What environmental factors led to the emotional response?
  3. Two mindful practices that can be applied to improve the conflict or environmental factors.
  4. How might the suggested Mindfulness practices be used during future times of conflict? What needs to be put into place for the plan to be successful and these conflicts to decrease?
  5. Evaluate how these mindful practices will help to address and alleviate the emotional response.
  6. Evaluate your plan of action and identify the possible weaknesses and strengths of the plan.
  7. Include specifics from the course materials to support your analysis.

Mechanics: This assignment is to be submitted as an academic essay with appropriate references and citations. Don’t just answer the questions, develop an outline and structured paper that addresses all of the points in the instructions.

Writing should include logical organization of major points and structure. Sentences should be complete, clear and concise. Add a title page, introduction and conclusion. Analysis needs to be supported with the course materials. Adhere to American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for all references and citations. The assignment should be (5-6 pages), typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1″ margins.

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