The following are the 3 steps to finalizing the marketing plan for your selected company and chosen product:

  1. Distribution and      pricing strategy: Include a section giving an overview of the      distribution channels and proposed pricing strategy for your product. 
  2. Marketing      communications plan: Develop and add a section about your marketing      communications plan. Use an integrated marketing communications (IMC)      strategy to develop 2 key communications pieces: 
    • 1 direct mail       campaign, either print or digital, to promote your brand 
    • 1 social media       option that presents a site for customers who want to follow your brand 
  3. The business      goals and objectives of your company for the coming year 
  4. The company’s      environmental analysis 
  5. A competitive      overview based on your SWOT analysis 
  6. The company’s      targeted customer markets 
  7. The positioning      strategy 
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