Please choose one topic from each pair and write one or two paragraphs on it. Express your vision of the topic in your own worlds.

  • 1a. Compare methods of solving linear equations and methods of solving linear inequalities. What do they have in common? What is different?
  • 1b. Complex numbers and solution of quadratic equations.
  • 2a. Why not all relations can be called functions?
  • 2b. How do quadratic function help us solve maximum/minimum problems?
  • 3a. What is the importance of the Fundamental Algebra Theorem and the Existence Theorem?
  • 3b. The graph of rational function may have asymptote(s), while the graph of a polynomial function cannot have any asymptotes. Why do you think it is so?


  • You must post your own initial statements to answer 3 prompts – one each from 3 sets above.
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