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Your written report should be around 1000 words, plus a bibliography. It should be typed and proofread before submission. You may use any recognized referencing system, so long as you use if consistently throughout your report. Some activities specify a particular reading that you must reference in your report, while others allow you to find your own sources. You should draw on a minimum of 1-2 sources in your report.

Your informal class report should be around 5 minutes, and may include a visual presentation (eg: powerpoint) but this is not a requirement. You should explain your activity to the group, how you answered the questions and what you found most interesting about your activity.

  1. Media Representations of Family

What messages does popular culture give us about families today? About good/bad, functional/dysfunctional families? About parents and children, grandparents, extended family, working families, ‘non-traditional’ families? Do these messages help create norms around families or do they simply reflect family life today?

You will need to select a particular topic/example (such as same-sex families in tv sitcoms, or working mothers in print advertisements). You will then conduct a content analysis of the images/text at the pop culture site you have chosen. Some examples of pop culture sites include music videos, Valentine Day cards, cooking magazines, TV shows, and movies. You might also consider images of diverse families (e.g., by race, ethnicity, social class, religion, sexuality and so on).

A guide to conducting a content analysis is included below.

How to do a content analysis of media images


Images should be analyzed on several levels. Visual analysis is an important step in evaluating an image and understanding its meaning. It is also important to consider textual information provided with the image, the image source and original context of the image, and the technical quality of the image. The following questions can help guide your analysis and evaluation.

Content analysis

  • What do you see?
  • What is the image about?
  • Are there people in the image? What are they doing? How are they presented?
  • Can the image be looked at different ways?
  • How effective is the image as a visual message?

Visual analysis

  • How is the image composed? What is in the background, and what is in the foreground?
  • What are the most important visual elements in the image? How can you tell?
  • How is color used?
  • Can the image be looked at different ways?
  • What meanings are conveyed by design choices?

Contextual information

  • What information accompanies the image?
  • Does the text change how you see the image? How?
  • Is the textual information intended to be factual and inform, or is it intended to influence what and how you see?
  • What kind of context does the information provide? Does it answer the questions Where, How, Why, and For whom was the image made?

Image source

  • Where did you find the image?
  • What information does the source provide about the origins of the image?
  • Is the source reliable and trustworthy?
  • Was the image found in an image database, or was it being used in another context to convey meaning?
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