Metaphysical and Cavalier Poets

 In a short essay (500 words),  choose one poem from each of the periods and write a comparison.  What is the same or different about the content of the poems?  The style?  The use of literary techniques (imagery, rhyme scheme, form, etc.)?  You must use at least one quotation from each poem.  Use a correct signal phrase, correctly quote the language, give a correct in-text citation, and include a correct works cited entry.  Remember that literature can be interpreted in different ways, so you also need to explain your chosen quotation.  What does it mean?  How does it support your claim?

Note:  If you use any other sources to write this, such as a dictionary or a website on poetry, you must properly quote/paraphrase, use in-text citations, and include the source(s) on your works cited. All essays must be in MLA format.

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