Motivation Discussion

Dave Fletcher excels in his job. However, he wants more for himself and his family and feels education can help him move forward in his career. Having made the decision to finish his education, he has enrolled at Ashford University. As he comes to the end of his first year in college, Dave is a 4.0 student, but his performance at work is suffering. Dave has been informed that if his performance does not improve, his job is in danger. He wants to keep his job and at the same time continue to do well in school. Over the next six months Dave is once again excelling in his job and continuing to do well in school.
Address each of the following criteria as you respond:

  • Identify a theory of motivation from this week’s reading that you feel best helps us to understand the change in Dave’s behavior.
  • Briefly describe this theory of motivation and discuss how you think it can help us understand Dave’s change in behavior.
  • In what ways was emotion tied to Dave’s change in behavior?
  • How might this same theory of motivation help you to understand your own school and work related behavior?
  • Will you change anything in your own life as a result of what you have studied in this scenario?   

  • Your initial post must be a minimum of 200 words and utilize at least one scholarly source

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