multicultural powerpoint, English assignment

create a minimum of 10 slides, additional slides are ok for PowerPoint® presentation. Include the following in your assignment, regardless of which format you choose:

  • Summarize the main arguments against multiculturalism. 
  • Identify issues involved in writing, reading, and teaching multicultural literature. The term “issues” is intentionally general. You could address the challenges involved in teaching works from a culture alien to students, or the challenges involved in reading works from a cultural tradition about which you know little. These challenges could be how to write about different cultures successfully and respectfully. Or they could be simply issues of judging quality. As an analogy, if you don’t listen to opera, it could be hard to tell a good opera from a bad one. Could you then tell a good work from Culture X written in a style you’re unfamiliar with from a bad one?
  • Evaluate multicultural literature. You may take this task in whatever direction you like. You may discuss how to judge the quality of an individual work, or how to fairly judge works from different cultures.

Support your conclusions with specific examples from your chosen texts and explain your reasoning.

Include at least three scholarly sources in this paper or presentation.

Format your assignment, and all sources, consistent with APA guidelines.


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