National Survey of Eyewitness Identification Procedure in Law Enforcement Agencies, assignment help

Please use SPSS attachement for TOPIC and find 5 scholarly or peer reviewed references for this assignment.

TOPIC: National Survey of Eyewitness Identification Procedure in Law Enforcement Agencies

2-3 Milestone One: Introduction

In this paper, you will create a mini literature review using at least five scholarly, peer reviewed journal sources. If you need research help, watch the SUMMON Multi-Search Overview video or review the Library Resources Guide.

Use the following outline to structure your paper (these elements align with the criteria in the Milestone One Rubric):

  1. Problem Statement: less than one page; clearly states the issue that will be addressed and why it needs to be addressed. This section will notdiscuss solutions.
  2. Literature Review: almost two pages; integrates five relevant scholarly sources to support your claim that there is an issue to be addressed. Be sure to accurately site your work.
  3. Research question(s): a sentence or two; develop a research question that you plan to use for your Final Project that is related to the data in your chosen dataset. Be sure to review PSY 510 material related to how to construct a proper research question.
  4. Hypothesis: a sentence; develop a hypothesis (a “guess” as to how you think your independent variable can influence your dependent variable)

Note: At their discretion, instructors may perform an originality check on submission using Turnitin.

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