Need done by Saturday night around 7pm Please!! No! PLagiarism Please!

I need a 5-7 pages essay.  The introduction and book information alone with scholarly sources, and biblical sources as well. No! Plagiarism what’s so ever they do use “turnitin”   I will apply the instructiondown at the bottom. This the Name of the book to use, Textbooks: Entwistle, Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity (2015).  Only Scholarly peer reviewed Sources and some bible Source.I will apply the instructions. Teachers will check for plagiarism it has to be paraphrase or own words make sure the grammar is good. I did add a sample paper on how to do the Integration paper but I also added the Instructions. I need someone I could really trust to do this assignment and know how to really follow the instruction please?? This is for my  psychology and christianity class.

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