Need help with History homework

Select one of the political cartoons from the link below

and then answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1. What is the name of the cartoon you have chosen? 

2. List what you think each symbol means.

3. Did the cartoonist exaggerate any of the objects or the physical features of a person or people in the cartoon? If yes, describe how.

4. What effect was the cartoonist trying to achieve by exaggerating these items?

5. List the words or phrases used by the cartoonist to label objects or people within the cartoon.

6. How do the words in the cartoon clarify the symbols?

7. What special interest groups do you think would agree/disagree with the cartoon’s message? Why?

8. Whose opinion or point of view is represented in this cartoon? Whose opinion or point of view isnot represented in this cartoon?

9. How is the cartoon effective in your opinion? Do not only write that you think it is effective – you must explain why you think it is effective. 

Please answer the questions thoroughly. Remember to write in your own words and in complete sentences.

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