Need help writing intensive 116 EDU Child Development and Education

1. Please read chapters 7&8 of the textbook. Respond to the following prompts.

 a. How does a student’s prior knowledge (or lack thereof) influence their learning? Give an example from your own life of a time when your prior knowledge made it easier for you to learn something new. Then give an example of a time when your lack of prior knowledge made it more challenging for you to learn something new. 

   b. Review Gardner’s Theory of Mulitple Intelligences. Which of these intelligences apply to you?

 c. Review the samples of intelligence test (IQ) questions from the text. You should also try to review some IQ-type questions from the internet. In your opinion, which types of questions have you found that seem to be inappopriate measures of intelligence? Which seem to offer a better view of intelligence? Why? 

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