Need history help to write some Easy Essays (4 questions) 3 paragraphs each question

Could you help me with this Essay Question (3 paragraphs – intro, body, conclusion) ALL FOUR QUESTIONS)

All original work needed; no plagiarism. Will check through Turnitin. APA formatted 4 separate documents; references a MUST at least 2 for each question. Need in 12 hours; NO EXTENSIONS!!!! DETAILED ANSWERS!!!

1- we’ve looked at multiple “modern” architectures. Select two different examples of modern architecture and discuss their similarities and differences. Be sure to use specific buildings/sites in your discussion.

Pleas use this example :
Frank Lloyd Wright, Robie House, Chicago, Illinois
Adolf Loos, Longitudinal section through the Steiner House, Vienna

2. The search for identity has been a recurring theme in HDEII. Using specific examples, select one architectural movement and examine how it sought to find/reflect the modern Zeitgeist.
3. While architects are often praised for a consistent architectural vision and language, we’ve seen many examples where multiple aesthetic and formal approaches are used over a single career. Please select one architect and discuss how their work changed over time by using specific examples and offering up a balanced analysis of what changed and what stayed the same.

Pleas use Louis Sullivan as an example.
4. Consider the role of museum exhibitions and international expositions in promoting architectural ideas. Select two example, present their key themes and objectives.
Use this two below :
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Exhibition
Louis Kahn, Kimbell Art Museum

Pleas use attached PDF as source part 1.pdf

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