Need psychology help with: Is crime influenced by one’s environment? (3 part assignment)

My topic is: Is crime influenced by one’s environment?

There are 3 parts to this assignment

Part One:

Annotated bibliography:

1.  Reviewing the literature helps you in 4 ways:

a.  Provides you with an understanding of the current state of knowledge about your selected topic. 

b.  Tells you whether the problem has already been researched—if so, will you continue with a replication or revise your topic? 

c.  If your topic hasn’t been previously researched, related studies can indicate how to proceed in attempting to answer the problem.

d.  Points out special methodological problems that you may need to consider when designing your research.

When beginning your literature review, it may be very helpful to find books or articles that contain reviews on your specific topic so you can get a “big picture” idea of the existing research in the area.  After that, you should focus on finding empirical, peer-reviewed academic research journals for articles related to your topic.  You may use journal articles retrieved online (e.g., using PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, or ProQuest), but you may NOT use non-academic sources (e.g., Psychology Today, blogs, magazines, newspapers, non-academic books).  Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source. 

For your research proposal, you will need AT LEAST 4 empirical journal articles and AT LEAST 1 review article or book chapter in your final draft, but you should plan to read many more articles and chapters along the way that you may not end up using.  Don’t try to shoehorn an article that isn’t really relevant just to hit the required number of references.  A piece of advice: Always keep track of the full bibliographic citation when taking notes, no matter how minor you believe your reference to be.  See the “Annotated Bibliography” document on Blackboard for guidelines and a sample annotated bibliography.

Please provide at least 6 references

Part Two:

Research hypothesis:

A hypothesis is your best prediction or tentative solution to the problem.  It must be a statement that is capable of being either refuted or confirmed. You can have more than one hypothesis.  Remember that a research hypothesis (i.e., scientific hypothesis) is the predicted relationship among the variables being investigated.  A null hypothesis is a statement of what would happen if there were no relationship between the variables being investigated; this is what is tested statistically.

Craft a well thought out, clearly worded, and appropriate research hypothesis.  Your research hypothesis must be stated clearly in one sentence.  (Remember, a hypothesis is a testable, disprovable statement, not a question.)  In addition, write a paragraph (no more than 200 words) describing why you expect this result to occur.  I will be looking for evidence that you have (a) read some of the relevant research on your research topic, (b) thought systematically about how you might conduct your study, and (c) considered thoroughly what results you would expect to find and why.  If you choose to create more than one research hypothesis (I don’t recommend this without speaking to me first), you need to do the above for each hypothesis separately.

Part Three: 

Title page: APA style text for details on how to format your title page

This is just the beginning of this research proposal paper. Whom ever I chose to complete this portion of my paper, will also be the one to finish it as well and I am willing to pay big dollars for the final project.

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