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APA format3 pages 3 references Can you use one of  the references from the discussion Please have done by Saturday November 2, 2019 @ 7pm ESTMain Discussion.  Examination is the most standard method for assessing a student’s learning. Online examinations are developed two ways. First, it can be created in a Microsoft Word document and uploaded to the course or secondly, the test questions can be generated within a learning management system (LMS) using the provided means (Bristol, 2011). The challenge in writing multiple choice questions is creating a reasonable measure of the learner’s knowledge while not providing clues within a question as opposed to its content. The use of deception as the way to increase difficulty should be avoided. One thing about multiple-choice questions is that the answer is present for the learners to decipher. (Dickinson, 2019). The lesson plan that I used to create multiple choice questions covers the different colors that are used to identify IV catheter gauges and the contents of an IV start pack.  I have never created multiple choice questions for a test or used the technology needed to do so. It was difficult at first to create queries that covered the objectives at the same time and not to include the answer to the question within the question. I also had to make a conscious effort not the put the correct answer to the questions in the C or D position. Another challenge was finding a website that I was comfortable with using and one that I could easily navigate to create my multiple-choice test. Survey monkey is a free online survey that has the capability for quizzes. The survey tool is used frequently on my job to poll employees on current issues.Link to quiz., T. J., & Zerwekh, J. (2011). Essentials of e-learning for nurse educators. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company.Dickinson, M. (2019). The thing about multiple-choice tests. Learning Solution Magazine. Retrieved from Monkey. (n.d). Retrieved October 29, 2019, from http://www.surveymonkey.comName:Michelle FriersonScreencast Title:Intravenous needle catheter selection and IV therapy guidelinesEnvironment:(on-site, online, or hybrid)This lesson is intended for the hybrid environment. Student nurses and novice nurses will watch this screencast before engaging in on-site intravenous (IV) needle selection for IV startsScreencast Goal:This screencast will increase the awareness on the importance of IV catheter size selection depending on the intended use and/or patient population and IV therapy guidelines.Description of Screencast lesson:This screen cast is directed toward nursing students and novice nurses. The different sizes of IV catheters based on color and the supplies needed will be reviewed. The participants will participate by watching a short video immediately after screencast on IV catheters and therapy guidelines, answer 10 questions at the end of the lesson, print certificate of completion and bring certificate to skill lab for competency checkoff.Learning ObjectivesAt the end of this lesson students and nurses will be able toIdentify the different sizes of IV catheters based on colorVerbalize uses for different catheter sizesIdentify supplies needed for IV startsDocument appropriatelyDemonstrate at least 80% competency on post test on IV catheter sizes, usage, and therapy guidelinesDemonstrate an IV start in an on-site skills lab,Quiz1. Match the gauge IV catheter with the appropriate color_____24-gauge                         pink_____22-gauge                         yellow_____20-gauge                         blue_____18-Gauge                        green2. What two gauges of IV catheters are commonly used duringfor rapid fluid administration?24 gauge and 22 gauge18 gauge and 20 gauge20 gauge and 24 gauge22 gauge and 20 gauge3. Select the appropriate list of supplies found in an IV start Kit.A. extension set, tape, and 20-gauge catheterB. Sterile dressing, tape, tourniquet, gauze pad, extension set, andchlorhexidine swabC. extension set, chlorhexidine swab, tape, and gauze padD. tourniquet, sterile dressing, and extension setIdentify at Least One in Each AreaPre-Licensure QSEN CompetenciesIntegrated ProcessesClinical Relationships1. Patient-centered care2. Teamwork and collaboration3. Evidence-based practice (EBP)4. Quality Improvement (QI)5. Safety6. Informatics1. Nursing process2. Caring3. Communication and documentation4. Teaching/ Learning1. Varied sources of data2. Similar options3. Prioritization4. Teaching5. Notes: ­­­­­­­­­­­­ ______________Rationale:Rationale:Rationale:It is important to understand the evidence behind the appropriate size selection of IV catheters to decrease the number of IV infiltrations.When initiating an IV therapy nursing staff must asses the patient appropriately, the intended use of the IV, select the appropriate size of the IV catheter, and document appropriately.Nursing staff must prioritize  care to include assessing the IV site or sites for redness and/or swellingScriptActions on ScreenAudio/NarrativePower Point: Title ScreenIntroduction of the Lesson on IV catheter selection and therapy guidelinesPower Point: QuestionWhy is it important to select the appropriate size IV catheter?Give rationalePower Point: Learning ObjectivesState learning objectivesPower Point: Different IV Catheter SizesShow pictures of the different cathetersPower Point: Starting an IVPower Point: DocumentingIdentify supplies needed to start an IVWhat to document after starting an IVPower Point: Final thoughts on IV catheter selection and IV suppliesExplain the main point of the lessonPower Point: Points to RememberHave students to watch the video on starting an IVRemind students to print certificate of completion and sign up for skill lab checkoffEvaluate and ReviseIf I were to recreate my Screencast, I would:First, I would make sure that the slides correspond with the lesson as it is discussed. I would include a slide for the 14-gauge catheter, 16- gauge catheter, and the supplies inside the IV start kit. The slide for the IV catheters would include the front of the packaging along with the backside of the packaging. The time of the screencast would not exceed five minutes.

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