Nicholas Carr in The Shallows, , research paper help

The Research-Based Proposal Essay will propose and defend a specific thesis, related to the general observations offered by Nicholas Carr in The Shallows, concerning “the future of the mediums of the book and internet.” No fewer than eight varied and pertinent sources, such as texts, periodicals, journals, and the internet in addition to texts assigned for the class.

Recommended Books:

Building a bridge to th 18th century how the past can improve our future / Postman Neil

The case for books: past, present, and future/ Robert Darnton

Cognitive surplus: how technology makes consumers into collabrator / Shirky Clay

Eletric language: understanding the message/ McLuhan Eric

The late age of print: everyday book culture from consumerism to control / Striphas Ted

The gutenberg elegies: the fate of reading in an eletric age / Birkets Sven

The printing revelution in early modern Europe / Elsensten Elizabath

AT LEAST 6 Pages!!

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