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Subgenres of Nonfiction 6-8 slides with in text citations and 3 or more sources

Narrative devices, tone, and content determine the classification of the various literary genres. Complete the following for this assignment:

  1. Conduct a search using this Web site or this Web site to find examples of memoirs, biographies, or autobiographies, and choose 1 to use for this assignment.
  2. Read the first few pages. Use the provided template to create a PowerPoint presentation of 5-6 slides (include speaker notes), and address the following:
    • What is the title of the work you selected, and who is the author?
    • After skimming through this title, what do you know about the subject of this book?
    • Is the piece informative, persuasive, or descriptive? Support your answer with a short excerpt from the text.
    • Does the author include information about his or her ethnicity, gender, age, or religion?
      • If so, how does that inform his or her point of view?
      • If not, why do you think the author chose to withhold that information?

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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