Nursing Assignment

For this assignment, you will need to evaluate your practice experiences and detail a time when you cared for a client with a chronic illness or disability.Background information on the individual you cared for (without violations of HIPAA) and their chronic disease or disability. Describe it in sufficient detail to create a clear picture of the situation.Describe the care required for this client. (Highlight the differences in care/needs between this client and others you have cared for without this disease/disability.)Discuss your (the nurse’s) legal and ethical responsibility in relation to this client/group. What influence can a professional nurse exert on this issue from a legislative or policy standpoint? (Think about current legislation, current ethical issues, or possible legislative needs for this client or others with similar issues.)What could/should you have done differently in caring for this client? (Consider insights you have now that may have altered your interactions and what you might do differently today.)  * Described how the care provided would differ with new knowledge of disability and chronic disease. Thoughtful response with clear examples.Describe the impact this situation has had on your career/nursing practice. (Consider what others could learn for use in a future situation or interaction.) *Thoughtful response with clear examples.APA format, 3 references,  3-4 pages.

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