On Being Human: An Analytical Manifesto, assignment help

I want a 4-5 pages long Manifesto draft, if you do it well, later on I will invite you to do the final essay which worth 200$

A manifesto is a public declaration of the purpose, principles or plan of action of a group or individual. It declares one’s intentions, goals, ideals, and motives, and it is a call to action; it can challenge assumptions, foster commitment, and provoke change. In other words, it identifies a problem, offers a solution, declares an intention, goal, or ideal and gives explicit directions for carrying out an action plan to solve the problem. What it means to live fully human. For the purpose of this assignment, you can think about “living more fully human,” in several different ways: as being self-actualized, living out your full potential as a human, or living a more meaningful, authentic, purposeful, satisfying, ideal, good and/or ______ (you fill in the blank) life.

Here is the requirement:

1. Identify and use at least one class-assigned source reading that has inspired you to write this manifesto

2. Identify a problem or concern and explain how it interferes with your (or others’) ability to live more fully human

3. Include a persuasive declaration (even if tentative) that addresses the above concern (this is your working thesis)

4. Explain an action plan for positive change/transformation

5. Attempt to make a case for the declaration and action plan including evidence from in-class material and/or outside scholarly sources

6. Attempt to explain the significance or implications of your manifesto

7. Identify and use at least one outside scholarly secondary source that is used to support your manifesto in some way

8. Use direct quotations sparingly and with intention

9. Provide in-text citations in MLA format where needed.

10. Provide a Works Cited page in MLA format.

11. Use clear, grammatically correct, stylistically effective expository prose (see green highlighting for errors).

For resources, I want you to find at least one references from: The Bhagavad-Gita, Gilgamesh, Buddishm. I have attached one of the resources for you .

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