One of a Kind, psychology homework help

To prepare for this discussion, please read Chapter 9 of your textbook. In addition, complete the International Personality Item Pool Representation of the NEO PI-RTM, watch Bringing up Monkey, and read “The interplay between culture and personality”. Finally, review Instructor Guidance and relevant Announcements. In this discussion, you will consider personality. Be sure to use your own academic voice and apply in-text citations appropriately throughout your post.

Personality psychology explores individual differences: what characteristics make you different, unique, and… well, you?

Post your initial response of 250 words or more by Day 3 (Thursday). Respond to at least two of your peers by Day 7 (Monday). You are encouraged to post one or more of your required replies early each week (e.g., by Saturday) to stimulate more meaningful and interactive discourse in the discussion forum. In addition, strive to provide a response to classmates who replied to your initial post and/or the Instructor (if applicable). Peer responses may vary in length but should be carefully crafted and insightful. Below are some suggestions to assist your thinking.

Guided Response: Reply to two or more peers overall. The goal of the discussion forum is to foster continual dialogue, similar to what might occur in a verbal face-to-face exchange. Consider the following in your responses:

  • Suggest an alternate approach to personality (e.g., psychoanalytic, social-cognitive, or humanistic). How might this different approach explain your peer’s personality characteristics?
  • Consider the impact of social and cultural forces on the development of your peer’s personality traits.
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