Online Dating/ Online Predators/Sex Offenders, assignment help

Summary Assignment (topic -Online Dating/ Online Predators/Sex Offenders 

The purpose of the following assignment is to effectively summarize and attribute information from a source. 

Use the library databases to retrieve an article from the Course Theme Reading List on the topic you selected last week. If you are considering a new topic, confirm your choice with your professor. Once you retrieve the article, print it or save a local copy of the full text article to your hard drive so that you can refer to the contents of the article offline. 

Read the source carefully, noting the thesis, topic sentences, headings, supporting details, and conclusion. To become more skilled at summary and paraphrase, you will practice writing summaries of different lengths on the same assigned source. 

Source Summary Prewriting

Include specific information as it pertains to your chosen source below.

Theme: (Choose: Education, Technology, Family, Health and Wellness.)

Topic: (Choose one of the Course Project topics listed under the column for each theme.)

Title: (List the title and what the title tells you about the point of view of the author.)

Intended audience: (Based on what you can tell about the publication, who do you think is the intended audience?)

Writer background:(What kind of authority does the author have to write on the topic?)

Writer’s angle: (Write one to two sentences on whether the topic presents an arguable claim. Is there more than one side?)

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