Operation Management

The Steps To Forming A Team Worksheet

Part 1: Complete the Worksheet

The Table below lists the steps for building an effective team (refer to your coursework to review these steps).

In the box provided, describe what each step entails, why it’s important, and, where applicable, what activities and/or tools you would use to aid you in completing the step. Be thorough (4-6 sentences per step).

Steps To Build An Effective Team What is it, and why is it important? What tools/activities could help?
Step 1: Identify your team’s purpose

Step 2: Identify individual roles and tasks

Step 3: Identify candidates for each role

Step 4: Conduct research

Step 5: Test/Evaluate for the role

Step 6:  Recruit members

Part 2:  Reflection Questions

  1. Identify 3 characteristics that make someone an effective team member and explain the significance of each.
  • Identify and describe 3 strategies a team leader could use to ensure the effectiveness of their team.
  • Describe a task or challenge that could only be accomplished by a team, and not an individual. Discuss why a team is necessary to succeed and complete the challenge.
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