Operational Planning – Follow all the below, Need in APA format with at least 300 words excluding 3 references, title and no plagiarism and need plagiarism report

1) Consider your company or one that you know well and evaluate their mission and vision statements. You must include the company’s mission and vision statements in your initial post.

2) Using the information in Table 2.1 (attached) from our text, critique the adequacy and merits of their vision statement identifying effective elements and shortcomings. Using the below criteria, evaluate the adequacy and merits of the mission statement.

3) Mission Statement Criteria:

4) Identifies the company’s products and/or services.

5) Specifics the buyer needs that the company seeks to satisfy and the customer groups or markets that it serves, and Gives the company its own identity.

6) What recommended changes (identify at least one change for each statement) would you make for each statement and why?

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