Operational Planning – Follow All The Below Points And Also Attached, Need Answers For All The Points Below In APA Format With At Least 300 Words Excluding References, Title And No Plagiarism And Need Plagiarism Report

1) Pick one company of your choice and state how Vertical integration strategy that a firm applied it based on the reading from our Thompson text (attached) and the associated other material.

2) How did the Vertical integration aid the company in building competitive advantage applying that stated in text(attached)?

3) Explain what the advantages and disadvantages of applying that vertical integration strategy are in the context of the company selected as stated (attached) in the text and given our course work during the week.

4)  you must have at least one course (our text) and one non-course scholarly/peer reviewed source in your initial posting.  Sources require in-text citations and must be incorporated into the body of the post in addition to a full APA citation at the end of the post.

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